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Computer, Electrical, and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering Division
With facilities such as Shaheen (one of the world’s fastest supercomputers) and the CORNEA Visualization Center, the Computer, Electrical, and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering (CEMSE) Division is one of the best-equipped places in the world to carry out cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research.
Center for Epigenetics and Metabolism University California Irvine
The Center for Epigenetics and Metabolism (CEM) brings together researchers at UCI interested in epigenetics, chromatin remodeling, and cellular metabolism by fostering research interactions, developing novel strategies, and informing the UCI community of the remarkable developments in the field.

Bioscience Core Lab
The Bioscience Core Lab supports and initiates scientific research and technology transfer by providing technologically advanced research methodologies to resolve questions facing the KAUST Bioscience Research Community and their Collaborators from Academia and Industry.

Supercomputing Laboratory
The Supercomputing Laboratory aims to inspire and enable scientific, economic and social advances through the development and application of high-performance computing solutions, through collaboration with KAUST researchers and partners, and through the provision of world-class computational systems and services.

Central Workshops
The main objectives of the Central Workshops are to assist researchers and students in their work by producing the required parts at the highest quality and to produce equipment that is required for research facilities.